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Installing stylish and durable aluminium windows and doors since 2010

YRK Windows is York's local supplier and installer of premium aluminium products.

Aluminium Products: Welcome

A sustainable material that's made to last

Why choose aluminium frames?

  • Value for money - Although coming with a higher initial price tag than uPVC, aluminium tends to last longer and suffer less damage caused by wear and tear. Aluminium windows typically last for up to 45 years.

  • Environment - Aluminium is non-toxic, sustainable and a 100% recyclable material.

  • Low maintenance - Compared to wood and uPVC frames, aluminium requires little attention.

  • Suitable for most homes - Although aluminium lends itself more towards a modern look, its strong construction means it's suitable for use in any building.

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Aluminium windows

Our fully secure, energy-rated aluminium window frames come in a range of colours and make a stylish choice in any home. These windows are also thermally broken to help reduce heat loss and maximise their insulation properties.


Although all our installations come with a 10-year guarantee, the nature of aluminium means you can expect your windows to last for much longer than this.

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Aluminium bi-fold doors

Our aluminium bi-fold doors allow you to let large amounts of natural daylight into your property and help you remove the barrier between your home and garden in glorious weather. All units are designed and created to the highest standards to ensure your door will remain wind and weatherproof for at least 10 years.

YRK Windows can build bi-fold doors in a range of styles and colours with both inward and outward facing folding options. Contact our team in York for your free quote.

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Aluminium Products: Services

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